About Me: Brandon, Owner of True North Tundra Junk

Hey there, I’m Brandon, and I’m the driving force behind True North Tundra Junk! 🚗💨

Tundra Junk

Who We Are

True North Tundra Junk isn’t just a company; it’s a passion project born out of a love for vehicles and a commitment to sustainability. With my trusty flatbed tow truck, I specialize in giving unwanted vehicles a new lease on life.

Our Mission

At True North Tundra Junk, we’re on a mission to transform old and unused vehicles into fresh opportunities. We buy vehicles that are no longer needed and give them a chance to contribute to a greener future.

What Sets Us Apart

At True North Tundra Junk, we stand out from the rest with our commitment to excellence:

  • Transparency: We believe in honest and open communication every step of the way.
  • Professionalism: Our team handles every vehicle with professionalism and care.
  • Sustainability: We’re dedicated to recycling and reducing waste for a better environment.
  • Hassle-Free: Say goodbye to the stress of selling your vehicle privately – we’ve got you covered.

“Turning the old into new possibilities.”

Contact Me

Got a vehicle ready for a new chapter? Curious about our services? Let’s chat.

  • Website: tundrajunk.com
  • Phone: 204-960-0090
  • Email: truenorth@tundrajunk.com

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Together, let’s pave the way for a brighter automotive future!

Best regards, Brandon Owner, True North Tundra Junk 🚗🌟